Pinnacle Real Estate Advisors Description: Pinnacle Real Estate Advisors is a young energetic office that has been repeatedly awarded “Best Place to Work” by The Denver Post. Pinnacle Real Estate Advisors is also the highest grossing, privately-owned commercial brokerage firm in Colorado.

Job Description: Represent entrepreneurial real estate investors as they build wealth through buying and selling property worth between $700,000 - $20,000,000 in Metro Denver.

The position is sales oriented and very entrepreneurial. You will enjoy the rare combination of both a high degree of autonomy and phenomenal operational support. You will not be answering to a boss, but rather a mentor who is invested in your success. Income potential is unlimited… earn $10,000,000 in 10 years and retire in your 40’s.

Commercial brokerage is a competitive industry with a high barrier to entry. Commercial real estate brokerage is an arena where talent and hard work differentiate the candidates who make it and those who can’t. Those that do make it will enjoy a career with a time-money ratio that few industries can compete with.

Candidate Description: We are looking for a rockstar who would succeed in any sales/entrepreneurial position. Our ideal candidate exhibits high degrees of confidence, integrity, intelligence, empathy and hustle. While no knowledge of real estate is required, experience in cold calling or entrepreneurship (selling yourself and/or an idea) is required.

Mentorship: The one-on-one mentorship of a commercial real estate broker is very time intensive and lasts for a minimum of two years. Because of how time intensive it is for a senior broker to train a new hire, opportunities to join a successful team are rare & limited.

Compensation: New hires can expect to make $50K - $70K+ in their first year with rapid year-over-year income growth over time.

We hire seasoned professionals and provide them with the best tools, systems and training in the industry to help them succeed. We foster long-term relationships built on integrity and professionalism.

Confidentially contact James Mansfield using the form or call him directly at 303.407.9788